Dr Perrin brings the technique to Switzerland.

In September Dr Perrin visited patients and spent 2 days training a group of practitioners in an osteopathic clinic in Geneva to use The Perrin Technique to help diagnose and treat the many sufferers in this beautiful country.  Chronic fatigue Syndrome /ME  and Fibromyalgia are very common here in a region where there are many successful executive who push themselves to the limit working hard and playing hard. The recipe for an eventual overload of neurochemicals in the brain leading to CFS/ME.  

The six practitioners who Dr Perrin Trained are all osteopaths. The venue for the workshop  was the wonderful Clinique La Colline  located in the centre of the city. Click on the Clinics section of the menu  to see the ipractitioners map for location and contact details .



Lake Geneva and The famous Jet d’Eau

Following a workshop we are delighted to have our first licensed osteopathic clinic in Switzerland.

We are very happy to welcome Francois Vatin and his colleagues of Osteopathie La Colline in Geneva

“Bien Venue Francois, associées et associés a La Perrin Technique et bon chance avec votre

For details


Francois Vatin (Far right) and 5 other Swiss osteopaths who trained with Dr Perrin in September 2019

 The 2 day workshop follows the same curriculum as the  accredited seminar in the UK and has received accreditation for 13
hrs CME in the USA with the AOA. 

 It  fulfils the  seven core CME competencies
required by the American Osteopath Association :

1. Osteopathic Philosophy/Osteopathic
Manipulative Medicine – The Perrin Technique is entirely based on the
application and the teaching of knowledge of accepted standards in osteopathic
manipulative treatment appropriate to the treatment of CFS/ME , CFIDS and
fibromyalgia. Future planned refresher workshops and newsletters will ensure
that the practitioners remain updated with the latest developments in the field
of CFS/ME.

2. Medical Knowledge – The workshop will amply
demonstrate and apply knowledge of accepted standards of clinical medicine with
the other current treatments being examined and discussed.

3. Patient Care – There will be hands on
practical teaching of the physical examination and treatment of CFS/ME  and fibromyalgia. By the end of the workshop,
delegates will have been taught and be required to demonstrate the ability to
effectively treat patients and provide medical care that incorporates the
osteopathic philosophy, patient empathy,awareness of behavioral issues, the
incorporation of preventive medicine and health promotion.

4. Interpersonal and Communication Skills –
This is so important in the field of CFS/ME and fibromyalgia. The workshop will
show how by explanation of what we now know to be occurring with this
disease  interpersonal and communication
skills  enable a physician to establish
and maintain a much better professional relationships with patients, families,
and other members of health care teams.

5. Professionalism –  The workshop will go through the case studies
of a  variety of the hundreds of
CFS/ME  and fibromyalgia patients treated
by Dr Perrin and will emphasize the practitioner be cognizant of physical and
mental health in order to effectively care for patients.

6. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement –
The entire 2 day workshop will be dedicated to demonstrate the ability to
critically evaluate methods of clinical practice, integrate evidence based
medicine into patient care. The previous and present research trials undertaken
by Dr Perrin with leading scientists from some of the top universities in the
UK will be discussed.

7. Systems-Based Practice –  this is covered in day 2 of the workshop
which will be  practically based showing
the delegates how to provide effective and qualitative patient care practice
cost effective medicine to improve the quality of life in patients with CFS/ME
and Fibromyalgia.

As well as the in  Switzerland and  the UK, Dr Perrin has so far run workshops in The Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Greece, Channel Isles, Sicily, South Africa, The USA and Russia, Canada Italy and next year he will be lecturing and teaching The Perrin Techique in many new places including Portugal, France and Israel.

Testimonials from other osteopaths who have
attended Dr Perrin’s Workshop.

“Attending Raymond’s workshops has
helped me immeasurably with my patients, firstly in giving me the confidence to
correctly diagnose whether they do or don’t have ME/CFS. Secondly if they don’t
have ME/CFS it has also helped me to understand much better how to improve the
function of the lymphatics and autonomics, which in general osteopathic
practice often need attention and treatment to help many patients who are
working under par or struggling with stress. 

I would highly recommend studying this
work, which is well researched, has been consistently shown to be clinically
effective and has provided reassurance, hope and brought much needed expertise
to many, many patients in their often long and challenging journey back to

Isla,Brown,  Glasgow, Scotland

“Excellent course material.
Very stimulating lectures and brilliantly taught. The content was interesting
and mostly Dr Perrin had energy and passion in teaching and everything was well
structured and organized. I very much enjoyed the course and would definitely
recommend it to future practitioners.”


Chalfont Clinic, Buckinghamshire , UK

“I attended my first Perrin Technique training
seminar over 10 years ago. It opened the way for me to use osteopathy to treat
a whole set of patients that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. The
training seminar led by Dr Ray Perrin an expert in ME/CFS and the world leader
in it’s treatment through osteopathy, taught me how osteopathy treats one’s
patient at a deep physiological level. Continued attendance of his excellent
annual conferences has only gone on to widen the scope of my osteopathy and practice.”

Ian Trotter, BSc.
Registered Osteopath, Chester, UK.

2 Jahren wende ich erfolgreich die Perrin-Technik in meiner allgemeinärztlichen
Praxis für ärztliche Osteopathie an. Bevor ich die Perrin-Technik in Manchester
erlernen durfte habe ich bereits seit vielen Jahren Patienten mit dem
Leitsymptom Erschöpfung in meiner Praxis behandelt. Mein Konzept der Behandlung
aller dekompensierten autonomen Systeme, war bisher auch erfolgreich. Bisher
standen die Dysfunktionen der Immuno-, Psycho-, Endokrino- und Neuropathie im
Vordergrund. Nach der Ausbildung von Ray Perrin mit seinem wunderbarem
Curriculum habe ich nun die Perrin-Technik in mein Praxiskonzept integriert.
Ich kann rein retrospektiv beobachten, dass die Heilung der CFS-ME Patienten
seither schneller verläuft und dass die Fälle, bei denen bisher wenig Heilung
erzielt werden konnte, nun deutlich besser verlaufen.

Dr. med. Klaus Dörhage

Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin

Ärztl. Osteopath (D.O. DAAO)