Becoming a practicioner

As more and more patients with CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia (FMS) hear about The Perrin Technique there is an increased demand for the treatment to be available across the Globe.

The chances are that there is no practitioner licensed in your neck of the wood so this brings a wonderful opportunity to become involved in a diagnosis and treatment programme that has been tried and tested fo 30 years. It is very much an evidence based approach to treating patients with very difficult conditions and with ongoing research in the UK we hope to bring more scientific evidence to support our technique.

We hope you wish to join and help the many patients in your area who are looking for answers that we can provide. Virtually every patient that I explain the Perrin Technique to, or who has read my book, or found a lecture of mine on the web says the same thing….”That made sense!)

Make sense out of CFS/ME and FMS for your patient’s sake. Learn how to diagnose and treat the disorder. I have helped many of the thousands of patients I have seen since 1989 at my clinics in the UK. We need many more to join us in our journey. Enrol in a course today.

Please look at calendar to see when and where the next courses are and for more details on the workshop. The courses are either 2 or 3 day workshops.

The courses and licenses are available to osteopaths, physiotherapists (physical therapists), chiropractors. However they all must have a basic knowledge of cranial techniques and have been trained in either Sutherland or Upledger courses. Experienced manual therapists who have qualifications in cranial techniques will be assessed individually by Dr Perrin to ascertain whether they have the correct knowledge base to be licensed.

Once trained by Dr Perrin you will be able to enrol as a licensed practitioner on this website and your practice or practices will be placed on our interactive map and you will be sent patients in your region by The Perrin Clinic.

Licensed practitioners will also able to display a certificate and window sticker showing their patients that they are licensed. They will be given information on a (flash-drive) memory stick that they need to inform their patients and professional colleagues of the science behind the treatment and the evidence to support this method. Other information on the drive will help them incorporate the technique into their existing practices with advice to patients and helpful examples of letter which may be needed to support patients at work or in education or needing claim for benefits.

The Perrin Technique Memory stick also includes a powerpoint of the full course so that licensed practitioners can use the slides from Dr Perrin himself to give lectures to CFS/ME and FMS support groups.

Licensed Perrin Technique practitioners are invited every year for one day to attend an annual conference at a venue in Manchester where Dr Perrin and other leading international experts in the field of CFS/ME, fibromyalgia or specialists in a connected area of medicine will continue the professional development of every practitioner.

Over the next few years we hope to begin new research initiatives , bring out a new book and hopefully gain further recognition for the wonderful work done by the many existing practitioners spread across the world. We hope you will be joining our extended family of practitioners.

All for £250 a year or the foreign exchange rate equivalent at the time.

Contact the practice manager Elaine Coleman on 0161 773 0123 or from abroad 0044 161 773 0123 or email us at for more information or to book a place at a future workshop.