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Kerrie Austin, Advanced PnT Practitioner in South Africa, was recently interviewed on the TV show Real Health to discuss ME/CFS.

Real Health is a lifestyle show that invites guests from the Heath & Wellness sector to share their knowledge on the issues affecting health, and the solutions that are available.

“I was recently interviewed by Michael Porter on the Real Health show. We discussed ME/CFS, what it is and how we can diagnose and treat it. I was thrilled to discus this debilitating disease as many patients go undiagnosed and untreated their whole lives.
– Kerrie Austin, Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioner

Welcome to The Perrin Technique


Spain welcomes their first licensed Perrin Technique Practitioner!

Earlier this month, Dr. Perrin travelled to San Roque to train up budding Perrin Technique Practitioners and it was a pleasure to welcome Andrea Clac, Josefina Martin Méndez and Chris Pfleger to the workshop.

Congratulations to Josefina who is the first practitioner on the map in Spain, and we look forward to welcoming both Andrea and Chris on board in due course!

Welcome to The Perrin Technique


12th May is International ME/CFS Awareness Day, also promoted as World ME Day.

On this important day, organisations and individuals recognise and support the millions of people world-wide who are affected by ME/CFS and other chronic immunological and neurological diseases by raising public awareness.

Our patients deserve all the recognition in the world, navigating through the debilitating conditions ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and now Long COVID.

Today we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate YOU by sharing some achievements made on your recovery journeys with The Perrin Technique.

This significant day coincides with the 55th anniversary since the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially acknowledged ME/CFS in their International Classification of Diseases.

ME/CFS Awareness Day was established to combat the widespread misunderstanding and stigmatisation associated with the condition. Over the years, it has grown into a significant global observance, driving international efforts to enhance the quality of life for those affected. Today, and every day, we stand with the ME/CFS community as a #GlobalVoiceForME

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In 2023, Dr. Perrin was interviewed by Jeremy Quinby, host of Highway to Health Podcast, who wanted to find out more about The Perrin Technique™ (special mention to Perrin Technique Practitioner Ruby Tam for introducing these two!). 

This detailed discussion aired in April 2024 and is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts:

Together they discuss how Long COVID resembles ME/CFS and what we might be learning from it as well as implications of the SLYM (Subarachnoid Lymphatic-like Membrane) and other recent discoveries. 

Highway To Health are a team of dedicated health professionals and wellness advocates providing insightful written content, videos and the latest developments in the world of health, well-being, technology, and research.  

Dr. Perrin’s interview, which is just over an hour long, is also available to view on YouTube:

Welcome to The Perrin Technique


In April, Dr. Ray Perrin was training up new Perrin Technique™ Practitioners at Fairways Lodge in Manchester, UK. The workshop was held on 14th – 15th of the month, which saw 6 individuals become newly certified in The Perrin Technique™!

A very warm welcome to:

Caroline Bullen
Casey Delamere
Jeremy James
Francesca Niccoli
Wendy van Nooten
Mynndie Panesar

Dr. Perrin was assisted on this two-day masterclass by three of our Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioners: Laurent Heib, Sophie King and Gail Sumner. Thank you all for a fantastic workshop and we wish our new practitioners all the best as they embark on this Perrin Technique journey! 

Welcome to The Perrin Technique


Dr. Perrin continued his travels this year as he trained up new Perrin Technique Practitioners at a workshop held on 26 – 27 March at Jöry Pauwels new centre Osteon Education!

The two-day masterclass, which was also supported by licensed PnT Practitioner Inge Schuermans, has seen 7 individuals become newly certified in The Perrin Technique! (And for the very first time, Luxembourg has been added to the map!) 

A very warm welcome to:

Sandra Van Beers
Marthe Van Dingenen
Bram Crikemans
Jeroen De Block
Robert Dumont
Jo-Annie Landry
Tom Ceyssens

It’s a pleasure to have you join the global network of Perrin Technique Practitioners! 

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The guide demonstrates the full at-home routine for all patients who are currently receiving treatment from a licensed Perrin Technique Practitioner.

The guide, which can be found on our YouTube as well as our website, has been split into separate sections so patients can navigate to the specific elements of the routine they wish to view. 

All of the information provided in the guide can be found in the latest Perrin Technique books and we hope the videos can further assist in ensuring patients carry out every aspect of the routines correctly. 

Special thank you to Jonathan & crew from MotionFish Media, our speakers Dr Ray Perrin & Olivia McDonald, as well as our patient models Georgia Morrey & Clark Geden!

Group photo of Jonathan & crew from MotionFish Media alongside Dr Ray Perrin, Olivia McDonald, and patient models Georgia Morrey & Clark Geden.
Welcome to The Perrin Technique

Welcome to the first Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioners in the world!

It is with great delight we can now announce those who, after two years of tutorials and in person workshops, have passed the end-of-course written exam and are now class as Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioners!

Congratulations to:

Sue Capstick (passed with Distinction)
Gail Sumner (passed with Distinction)
Sophie King
Caroline Lovett
Rakhee Mediratta
Sylveen Monaghan

Anna Ross

South Africa
Kerrie Austin

Welcome to The Perrin Technique

Eulogy for Dr Andy Wright

Dear All

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of local doctor 64 year old Andy Wright who helped me and probably thousands of people around the globe.

I first met Andy in the 1990s when I began work with ME/CFS patients. In those days the NHS weren’t helping many people but one caring doctor in Bolton was improving the health of many patients and that was Andy. We met up and spoke on the phone regularly and occasionally went out for a curry with our mutual friend and colleague integrative dentist John Roberts who lectured to our Conference many years ago. My PhD couldn’t have been completed without his encouragement and advice. He introduced me to so many concepts that helped shape my many years of continuous clinical research in this department.

Treating ME and Lyme Disease differently to his NHS colleagues led to problems with the GMC who ordered him to stop his pioneering efforts. I told Andy he had to fight and stay with his important work but alas he was forced out. He explained to me that he had no choice and told me “Ray, I have a wife and young family to support and I need to make a living for them so I have to give up my ME/CFS and Lymes work so I can keep my job as a GP.”

I wished him well and have constantly thought about his work and his concepts when addressing my own research in this field. His appearance in the YouTube  Perrin Technique Film can still be seen on my website supporting my work (which you can still view online – https://theperrintechnique.com/about-us/ ). Thousands of patients around the world are benefiting from my treatment and many still watch the film.

My work has progressed to Long COVID and many of the concepts Andy and I have discussed in the past are helping patients with this disease. My treatment for Lyme disease is based on the help and advice given to me by Andy and many patients around the world with ME/CFS type illnesses have undiagnosed Lyme / similar diseases, exactly as Andy had predicted 30 years ago.

I used to send my regards to Andy via mutual patients but I feel sad that we didn’t keep closer contact over the years. I felt it would be hard for Andy, as he was kept away from continuing his scientific endeavours.

My latest book on Long COVID is almost complete and I have decided to dedicate the book to three friends and colleagues that I have sadly lost in the past month. One of them is Andy, may his dear soul rest in peace. The millions of patients with Long COVID, Lymes, ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia all owe a huge gratitude to Dr Andy Wright and I will make sure they know it.

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Kamalaya Koh Samui is a multi-award winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa located on the southern coastline of Koh Samui, Thailand, and we are proud to announce this wellness resort now has a licence for The Perrin Technique!

Kamalaya Koh Samui

The retreat recently hosted a training workshop, where Dr Perrin taught a group of their resident therapists. Dr Perrin and the class can be seen below alongside general manager Gopal Kumar as well as Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioner Rakhee Mediratta who assisted with the training.