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In March of this year, Dr Perrin will be presenting his lecture “Lymphatics in the cranial field” at the international conference Osteopathy In The Cranial Field which is being held in St Michielsgestel in The Netherlands on 22-23 March 2024. 

The conference combines science with the osteopathic practice and includes lectures such as:

  • Rhythms in the human cranium, what do we know? Prof Max Moser PhD
  • The Glymphatic system and sleep – Dr Rolf Fronczek, PhD 
  • Lymphatics in the cranial field – Raymond Perrin DO PhD
  • The role of the ANS in Cranial Rhytmhmic Impulse with Holger Pelz DO
  • Mechanical properties of the cranial meninges – Raffael Zegarra-Parodi DO MSc 
  • The Trigeminal nerve; the menigeovascular complex in headache and migraine – Prof Messlinger PhD 

To view the itinerary in full and to register for the conference, see the event page here.

Welcome to The Perrin Technique


It is with great delight we can now announce those who, after two years of online tutorials and in-person workshops, have passed the end-of-course written exam and are now entitled to use the term Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioner!

Sue Capstick (with Distinction) – UK
Gail Sumner (with Distinction) – UK
Kerrie Austin – South Africa
Sophie King – UK
Caroline Lovett – UK
Rakhee Mediratta – UK
Sylveen Monaghan – UK
Anna Ross – Switzerland

Congratulations to our inaugural class!

Welcome to The Perrin Technique


We are very pleased to share that Perrin Technique Practitioner Claire Massey has been awarded the University College of Osteopathy’s Gold Medal for Outstanding Contribution!

“When I started at the UCO everything fell into place” – Claire Massey addressing the audience

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal presented the awards, in which Claire was also the recipient of the Silver Medal for Academic Excellence. Congratulations Claire!

Claire graduated with a Masters with distinction from the University College of Osteopathy (previously British School of Osteopathy) and has a clinical interest in women’s health. You can find Claire at Victoria Park Osteopaths which is located in the heart of Victoria Park Village in London, UK.

Welcome to The Perrin Technique


We welcomed many of our licenced Perrin Technique Practitioners to the annual Perrin Technique conference which took place on Sunday 3rd December 2023 in Manchester, UK:


The conference began with an opening lecture from Dr Ray Perrin DO PhD, who gave us his year in review. This covered topics such as the IACFS/ME conference, his teachings abroad in Europe, USA and the Middle East as well as talking us through a major discovery regarding a potential new function of the lymphatic system. An international team of scientists, headed by Professor Natasha Harvey from the University of South Australia’s Centre for Cancer Biology, has made a groundbreaking discovery concerning lymphoedema – revealing that it is caused by blocked lymphatic vessels producing both red and white blood cells. This finding overturns longstanding belief about where our body gets its blood cells: instead of solely deriving them only through bone marrow stem cells as previously thought, this breakthrough insight uncovers a potential that the lymphatic system also produces blood.  At the conference, Ray shared his thoughts on this new discovery:

“We’ve seen malformation of red blood cells in both ME and Long Covid – this could be due to the malfunctioning of the lymphatics. If we can help the lymphatics drain better, surely it’s going to help everything work better as well.
It’s the control mechanism of the lymphatics as well that is so important – the sympathetic nervous system – and when we treat the patient, we are helping that. Besides helping the sympathetic nervous system work on the blood flow, it could also help in the formation of blood cells in the lymphatics as well.”

– Dr Ray Perrin DO PhD , 3 December 2023

Preliminary Results of the NHS Long COVID Feasibility Study

Dr Lisa Riste of The University of Manchester shared the three-month interim results from the feasibility study: “Reducing fatigue in Long COVID-19: A feasibility study of a self-help intervention to reduce fatigue-related symptoms among patients in general practice”. 

Volunteers who were diagnosed in Greater Manchester’s Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust as suffering from Long-COVID were recruited and randomised into the groups for the study which ran throughout 2023. We were joined at the conference by Dr Adrian Heald, NHS Consultant Physician, who also shared his thoughts on the feasibility study interim results. Whilst we are unable to go into detail of the preliminary results here, we look forward to sharing the final findings with you later this year!

Healthcare Nutrition & The Perrin Technique

Nutritional Scientist Dr Nina Bailey shared with us her expertise on how the supplements that Igennus produce can help patients of The Perrin Technique. Dr Bailey has been with Igennus for 14 years and explained how their supplements are designed to provide the best outcomes for the customer:

For consumers and for some practitioners as well it can be incredibly challenging to know the difference between a good quality supplement and a poor quality supplement.”

Dr Nina Bailey, Igennus
Dr Nina Bailey alongside Dr Ray Perrin.
Dr Nina Bailey alongside Dr Ray Perrin

Dr Bailey focused on 4 key supplements which she described as ‘the essential four’ , which were:
– Omega 3
– Magnesium
– B-Vitamins
– CoQ10

It was announced at the conference that Igennus have INCREASED their discount for Perrin Technique patients when ordering direct from their website. Please get in contact with your Perrin Technique Practitioner for the discount code to take advantage of this offer.

The Perrin Technique Protocol

Many moons ago, before we began to run conferences with guest lecturers, we would hold an annual refresher workshop for Perrin Technique Practitioners and this year we took it back to our roots by using a large part of the day as a hands-on revision workshop to go through all The Perrin Technique protocols for consultation, examination and diagnosis plus the treatment and advice protocol for our patients. Dr Perrin reiterated just how important this conference was, as it helps to make sure patients get what they expect from a Perrin Technique appointment, no matter where they are based in the world. Licenced Practitioner Andreas Jochim volunteered to be our model for the demonstrations and our inaugural class of Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioners assisted with the practical sessions, too.

We express our thanks to our guest lecturers Dr Lisa Riste and Dr Nina Bailey and of course to our conference sponsors IgennusHammersmith BooksDennis The Chemist and the FORME Charity:


Producers of VegEPA, Pharmepa, Super B Complex and much more….
Contact Dr Nina Bailey at Igennus for more information about how Igennus Ltd can help your patients.
E-mail: info@igennus.com       Phone01223 421434

Hammersmith Books

Hammersmith Books Limited is an independent publishing house producing books under the ‘Hammersmith Health Books’ imprint for general readers and health professionals that promote better understanding of health issues through greater knowledge of the human body and mind, with a particular emphasis on controversial themes that challenge received wisdom. Founded in 2009 they see a need for books that address readers as interested, intelligent custodians of their own mental and physical health who want to consider the advice they receive critically, wherever it comes from, rather than taking what they are told on trust. Their particular areas of interest are:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • The relationship between nutrition and health
  • Evidence-informed health care

Hammersmith Health Books have published The Perrin Technique, The Perrin Technique: Second Edition and The Concise Perrin Technique as well as the soon-to-be next instalment ‘Through The Looking Glass: The Perrin Technique for Long-COVID’.
E-mail: info@hammersmithbooks.co.uk

Dennis The Chemist – Dennis Gore Pharmacy

The world famous pharmacy specialising in complimentary medicine. Suppliers to The Perrin Clinic of many supplements advised by Dr Perrin.
Contact Richard Wertheimer regarding the many supplements that can help your patients or view The Perrin Technique products in their own section on the pharmacy’s website: https://www.dennisthechemist.com/collections/dr-perrin-technique
Email: info@dennisthechemist.com
Web: www.dennisthechemist.com 
Phone: +44 (0) 161 773 1994

The FORME Charity

The F.O.R.M.E. Charity (Fund for Osteopathic Research into ME/CFS) was established in 1995 to promote, for the benefit of the public, research into the principles & practice of osteopathy in the treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) / CFS. The charity is run be a dedicated team of volunteer trustees and has funded, and continues to fund, ground-breaking research in The Perrin Technique.
Charity number: 1045005


Lipedema Simplified 2023 Virtual Community Event Adds Dr. Raymond Perrin as Keynote Speaker

Dr. Perrin will be presenting a talk about the Perrin Technique™ at the Lipedema & Lymphedema Heart to Heart: Me, You, We, Us event on Saturday, October 28. His speaking event titled, Neurolymphatics/Glymphatics – The Perrin Technique Detoxing the Body, will provide an overview of the technique, and how it helps to remove toxins out of the lymphatic system, return the sympathetic nervous system to normal functioning, and improve the lives of patients with lymphatic disorders.

The glymphatic system is a recently discovered macroscopic waste clearance system that utilizes a unique system of perivascular channels, to detoxify and clean out the central nervous system. Dr Perrin has been an innovator in this area, working within this field for over 30 years, and his talk will be a deep dive into this newly discovered system.

“We are incredibly excited to have Dr. Perrin join us virtually as a keynote speaker, The Perrin Technique™ is a well-known approach in osteopathic medicine to help direct toxins out of the lymphatic system, which over time, helps the sympathetic nervous system return to normal functioning. Dr. Perrin’s trademarked technique has helped many patients lead healthier lives, and we’re looking forward to him joining this year’s event.”

Catherine Seo, Ph.D., CEO of Lipedema Simplified and Lipedema Project

The three-day Lipedema & Lymphedema Heart to Heart: Me, You, We, Us is open for registration now, and will be held online with global experts presenting a variety of informative, engaging sessions.  

The event, now in its fourth year, focuses on delivering new information for recently diagnosed individuals and lipedema veterans, as well as offer insightful collaborative sessions with expert speakers, patients, caregivers, industry vendors, and seasoned healthcare professionals and clinicians. Conference collaborators include WearEase, AIROS Medical, Infinite Healing, Care-Med, Own Your Labs, Lympha Press, LMNT, Original Ketones, RLD Group, LLC, and Natural Wellness Boston. They are also partnered with the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN).

“When I first started my research 34 years ago, most of the science said that there was no lymphatic drainage of the brain, I defied medical opinion and claimed that there was. And when it was disturbed, many disease processes followed. Join me at this wonderful event on my voyage of discovery to show that emerging science has validated my theories and how my techniques can help improve your health.” 

Dr. Raymond Perrin

Read more on this exciting news via the press release here or to find out more about the conference and how to register, please visit the event page here.



We would like to share a powerful and moving story by Perrin Practitioner Dr Ruby Tam and her patient “JS”.

For background, Dr Tam opened her ME/CFS Minnesota Clinic at the beginning of the year and offers free Telehealth visits and in-person Perrin Technique appointments to uninsured and under-insured people with ME/CFS and Long COVID. 

Her free clinic has since received a Gold rating for meeting the quality standards of The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics and Dr Tam has been vocal about how she wants to devote the rest of her life and career to patients with ME/CFS.

Please note, this story include sensitive content regarding a patients mental health:

Sixteen days after I almost missed the Perrin Technique workshop due to a snow storm in Minnesota where my flight had to be towed back from the runway and got the last stand-by seat of a next day flight to Phoenix through divine intervention, I received an email through my charity clinic website. Mr JS was depressed and hopeless. He was going to kill himself that night until he heard Dr Perrin speak about The Perrin Technique on the internet.

Just like many ME/CFS patients, JS has seen many doctors, e.g. rheumatologists, neurologists, etc for his fatigue and pain. No one has found anything wrong with him. All the tests came back normal. This has been going on for almost ten years.

A high achiever and extremely motivated, JS was a store manager, married with children. He had been working long hours and endured a lot of stress. One day, he suddenly felt a burning sensation down his arm.  He sat down, rested, and turned on his computer to read his emails. But the words did not make any sense to him! They were written in English, his primary language, but he could not comprehend them.

After that, he was diagnosed with burnout and had to quit his job. But JS was getting worse. His burning back pain kept him up at night. His brain was in a fog all the time, and he could not learn any new things. Whenever new stress occurred, JS’s body would burn and tremor.  He was getting more depressed and anxious. He no longer tolerated the food he used to eat.  All the antidepressants his doctors prescribed him caused side effects. He got dizzy when he stood up. The problems went on and on. He saw so many doctors that his medical bills were piling up. Even with spending so much money, he was given no answer to his illness.

On April 17, 2023, JS thought about suicide as an option. He had made the decision and started putting together the plan of how it would be carried out. The decision had been made. For whatever reason, he turned on his computer and searched the internet about chronic fatigue treatment.  Dr. Raymond Perrin came on.  He was talking in the first video about how the lymph of chronic fatigue patients was not working properly to drain the toxins!  “This guy knows what he is talking about!” JS said to himself.  He went on to watch the next video, then another video. He decided that he needed to give this a try.  “But I don’t think I can find anyone in Minnesota. Not Minnesota.” JS thought.  Minnesota is in the middle of the United States, and is one of the most northern states with famously cold winters.  Usually, any national experts do not live here. They are found in the east and west coasts of the country, or at least in more metropolitan areas like Chicago or Houston. JS decided to get on Dr. Perrin’s website to find the closest practitioner to him.   This was how he found me.

JS lives 1.5 hours away from Minneapolis. We started talking on April 17, 2023 for an hour, then again the next day, then the next week.  He has started trying different medications I suggested.  He even bought the Perrin Technique patient guide and started doing the Perrin self treatment on his own. He was feeling about 10% better.  At the same time, he wondered if my diagnoses of fibromyalgia, dysautonomia, polyneuropathies, mast cell activation, etc were true.  With a lot of doubt in his mind, on May 26, 2023, JS finally met me in person for his first in-person Perrin Technique treatment. JS was beaming and hopeful.  

JS has done a number of in-person treatment sessions with me now.  He diligently does his daily self treatment and continue his weekly treatments with me: “I am feeling better each week. I continue to do the daily routine twice a day. Some days I forget. I am just starting to get some nasal clearing and be able to smell for brief periods during the day. This is a sign to me the fluid in the brain is flowing better and not so much inflammation is present in the brain”, said JS who finally feels his health is going in the right direction!  

For a long time, JS had been so congested that he completely lost his sense of smell however he can now smell intermittently! Last week, he was able to smell the coconut oil used during his treatment. He was simply ecstatic!

I cannot thank Dr Perrin enough for his tireless effort in traveling around the world to teach practitioners about The Perrin Technique.  Without him, many people would have lost hope in life. Dr Perrin is a treasure for the ME/CFS community.  We forever owe him a debt of gratitude.



On 24th June Brian Morrey, whose daughter has ME, is taking on ‘The Frog Whitton’ (the UK’s ultimate swim-cycle challenge) to raise money for F.O.R.M.E. – the charity that helps fund research into osteopathic techniques for ME/CFS such as The Perrin Technique. On the fundraising page, Brian gives special thanks to those at The Perrin Clinic: Elaine, Ray, Sylveen, Ian and Antoinette.

“In May 2018, this disease affected my 18 year old daughter and life changed dramatically. Fast forward to 2023 and now at 23 yrs old we have a far better quality of life for her… The use of osteopathic techniques appears to be transforming the lives of people living with this debilitating condition, but research into this can only be done through the generosity of fundraising events.


The Frog Whitton route starts and finishes in Grasmere, Cumbria, with a total distance of 102 miles – 96 miles of cycling and 6 miles of swimming!

We hope you will share Brian’s challenge and support his fundraising if you are able to:




“Viral waste products must be secreted or they recirculate, which is why anyone with Long Covid should also look into the osteopathic Perrin Technique.”

Helen Kirwan-Taylor

These were the words of journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor in an article published on the MailOnline and in the 21st May edition of YOU Magazine. Helen states how she has been battling Long Covid since 2020 and shares her experience of the many avenues she’s tried on her recovery journey.

 “Dr Raymond Perrin believes that Long Covid and ME sufferers do not detoxify properly.”

Helen Kirwan-Taylor

Helen shared on her social media pages that she has started to see Perrin Practitioner Rakhee, adding “After many months of trying, I have finally seen the extraordinary Rakhee Mediratta… I responded quickly to her able fingers which is good but this is a long process”

And whilst the original article itself (link here) focuses on a specialised Wellness Clinic in Spain, it’s another example of The Perrin Technique continuing to be highlighted in association with Long Covid.



A huge congratulations to Dr Ruby Tam who has joined the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board of ME Action!

Dr Tam, who has been a staunch advocate for affordable and quality care for ME/CFS patients, was invited to join the board to serve alongside other outstanding physicians and medical professionals.

The Scientific and Medical Advisory Board (seen here) will keep ME Action up-to-date on the latest research and care for people with ME and other complex chronic conditions. 



The training workshop in Long Island, NY at the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine was a huge success with 10 new Perrin Technique Practitioners licenced in the USA as well as 2 in Canada!

Dr Perrin amongst the NYIT workshop class

It’s a pleasure to welcome Jordan Keys, Director of the Osteopathic Medicine Center, and Sheldon Yao, who serves as Chair of the Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, to the global Perrin network.

As well as Jordan and Sheldon, the other Practitioners based in America were either NYIT faculty members or visiting osteopaths / physical therapists from New York or nearby states. They include:

Danielle Astarita

Jena Blackwood

Joe Simone

Lisa Preston

Nihir Shah

Patricia Kooyman

Sylvia Silberman

To Li

The NYIT class also included the following Canadian osteopaths who flew down from Montreal:

Sonia Léveillée 

Josiane Sorel 

It’s fantastic to have them on board, we welcome them all! Bienvenue a la Famille!

The two day event was organised by Jordan and Sheldon and their team at NYIT and we thank them all especially Jordan who worked really hard to make this first (of hopefully many) NYIT workshops such a success!

Pictured above amongst the workshop class is Trish Meegan from Rhode Island, who trained as a Perrin Practitioner in Phoenix the month before and volunteered to travel to Long Island to model for the treatment at the NYIT workshop. Thanks Trish for literally going the extra mile and helping to train others! 

Flying in from San Francisco to help in the practical training was osteopathic physician Sean Moloney who teaches at the osteopathic college in California. Sean is part of the first Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioner class due to qualify at the end of this year. A huge thank you to all involved!