Sunday 20th March saw the team at Bridgeman Physiotherapy Centre set up their stand at the Run Wigan Festival to offer runners pre and post massages to help fundraise for the F.O.R.M.E. Charity.

F.O.R.M.E. (Fund for Osteopathic Research into M.E.) continues to fund vital research on The Perrin Technique and we are over the moon to share that the Bridgeman Physiotherapy Centre raised an incredible £502.67 on race day! A huge well done to all involved, with special mention to our esteemed PnT Practitioner Sue Capstick who takes it upon herself to raise funds for F.O.R.M.E. each year and support this invaluable charity. She’ll be back fundraising again on 11th September at the Wigan 10k run!

Check out the photos below from the glorious sunny Sunday in Wigan…


Earlier this month Dr Perrin travelled to Belgium to run a course on the lymphatics and The Perrin Technique at the Flanders International College of Osteopathy (FICO) in Antwerp.

His trip was extended to include a visit to the Netherlands, to add on one day of ‘practical’ workshops which had previously been delayed due to COVID-19.

After four days non stop of workshops Dr Perrin returned home via the Eurostar – something which he thoroughly recommends! Check out the photo’s from Antwerp below…



Thanks to international travel now back up and running for Dr Perrin, the first quarter of 2022 has seen aspiring Perrin Technique Practitioners become trained up in many corners of the world.

Firstly, there is Dr Kostas Filippopolitis who is a qualified and highly experienced neurologist from Greece and has retrained as an osteopath in Athens. After reading Dr Ray Perrin’s latest book, his interest in The Perrin Technique led him to contact Ray directly and book himself on the latest Perrin Technique workshop in Manchester at the start of the year. As a consultant neurologist, acupuncturist and neural therapist he is a wonderful addition to the growing Perrin Technique family.

In addition, we also have a trio of newly qualified Perrin Practitioners in Belgium. These are Barbara De Lange, Jory Pauwels and Inge Schuermans. We welcome them on board to our worldwide network of Practitioners and wish them all the best for the year ahead.

In the first week of April, Dr Perrin will be giving a workshop on The Perrin Technique in Rio De Janeiro – Hopefully after that trip we will see our first licensed practitioners in South America!


This spring will see the retirement of one of our most experienced Perrin Practitioners, Sorrel Pindar.

Sorrel became a qualified Perrin Practitioner in 2007. Since then, she has treated hundreds of grateful patients suffering from ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia – with many being able to resume a normal life. 

She has been a valued member of The Perrin Technique family for the last 15 years and we wish her all the best for the future. Thank you, Sorrel!


Mark Singleton, who is currently working out of The Perrin Clinic, is due to begin taking appointments for The Perrin Technique at The Fulwood Therapy Centre, Preston, PR2 3QA from Friday 25th March 2022.

Having had ME himself for 26 years, and treated successfully by Dr Perrin, Mark qualified as a Perrin Practitioner and is now helping others improve with the technique. Possessing a wealth of experience you’ll be in safe, intuitive and healing hands when you book an appointment with Mark!

Contact Mark directly to book an appointment on +44 7840 862188



We are pleased to announce the confirmed dates of two upcoming Perrin Practitioner workshops! These workshops are a two-day course and run from 9.30am to 5.30pm both days:

Sunday April 10th and Monday April 11th 2022
LOCATION: Bushey Clinic , County End, Magpie Hall Rd, Bushey, Hertfordshire, WD23 1NY

Sunday 3rd July and Monday 4th July 2022
LOCATION: The Perrin Clinic, 83 Whittaker Lane, Prestwich, Manchester  M25 1ET

To find out more and to book your place on one of these workshops, contact The Perrin Clinic on +44 (0)161 773 0123.

Please note, to become qualified in The Perrin Technique you must be a manual practitioner (including Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor) who has knowledge and experience with CranioSacral Therapy.



ME/CFS: The Battle For Acceptance


71 Perrin Practitioners and guests attended this years virtual conference which took place on Sunday 28th November.

3 amazing speakers gave us an incredible insight into the battles within the world of ME/CFS: 

From a physician’s perspective we heard from Dr Nigel Speight, who has worked as an honorary paediatric medical adviser for several UK ME/CFS charities including ME Association and 25 Percent ME Group. He gave us an illuminating lecture about children with ME/CFS and the challenges he has witnessed over the decades including child protection cases. 

Tony Crouch, social worker and member of the NICE ME/CFS Guideline Development Committee, shared his experience of helping children who have been put on care orders by social services due to their illness.

Harvard University’s Dr Michael VanElzakker joined us live from Massachusetts to talk about the latest evidence to show autonomic dysfunction and glymphatic disturbance in ME/CFS patients, something which will help in our battle to have The Perrin Technique approach recognised.

We were also joined on the day by Jean McDonald, who bravely shared her personal experience of the challenges faced by a family with ME/CFS, and live from Sydney Olivia McDonald (no relation!) gave us an insight into her ME/CFS journey and how it has inspired her work.

A huge thanks to the wonderful lecturers who made this years conference invaluable with such interesting and relevant information in our battle against ME/CFS. 

To our Perrin Practitioners around the globe – See you all next year!



The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) finally announced the publication of their new 2021 ME/CFS updated guideline on the diagnosis and management of myalgic encephalomyelitis (or encephalopathy)/ chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

Dr Ray Perrin DO PhD (Osteopath, Neuroscientist, Clinical Director of The Perrin Clinic and Developer of the Perrin TechniqueTM) and all his team at The Perrin Clinic welcome the overall message that these new guidelines send to practitioners in the UK about how to best manage patients with ME/CFS.

To quote Dr Paul Chrisp, director of the Centre for Guidelines at NICE, who said that they have strived to produce a balanced guideline for ME/CFS patients “which has their wellbeing at its heart”.

The main points as far as its relevance to the management of ME/CFS by licensed Perrin Technique Practitioners are as follows:

  • The guideline recognises that ME/CFS is a complex, multi-system, chronic medical condition where there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to managing symptoms.
  • Enabling people to access care earlier may improve longer term outcomes and help people with ME/CFS.
  • A holistic personalised management plan in line with this guideline should be encouraged and that people with ME/CFS should receive individually tailored support.
  • The guideline makes it clear that any programme based on fixed incremental increases in physical activity or exercise, for example graded exercise therapy (GET)should not be offered for the treatment of ME/CFS.
  • A person centred energy management can be offered as a key component of a personalised management plan. This is a self-management strategy led by the person living with ME/CFS with support from a healthcare professional that can be applied to any type of activity (cognitive, physical, emotional or social).
  • The guideline highlights the importance of ensuring that people remain within their energy limits when undertaking activity of any kind.

To quote Baroness Finlay, Consultant in Palliative Medicine and vice-chair of the guideline committee, “Those with ME/CFS need to be listened to, understood and supported to adapt their lives. The committee members involved in this guideline have worked particularly hard to ensure care becomes more empathetic and focused on the individual’s needs”.

For 32 years the growing number of Perrin Technique practitioners worldwide has always treated each ME/CFS as an individual with Dr Perrin stressing the importance of a patient led treatment strategy based on the individual symptoms. In 1989 Dr Perrin was one of the first healthcare practitioners to advocate pacing, when most doctors were advising patients with ME/CFS to push themselves, get out and exercise more. Rest and pacing have always been an integral part of our overall strategy in the treatment of ME/CFS with patients being instructed by Perrin Technique practitioners to do half of what they feel capable of doing in all spheres of life.

Dr Perrin continues his research work together with colleagues at The University of Manchester, UK to provide further evidence to support his diagnostic and treatment strategies that are helping many thousands of patients around the world. Together with the approaches laid out in the new NICE guidelines, he and his team hope that The Perrin Technique will one day become part of the mainstream strategy employed by healthcare practitioners around the UK and beyond. 

The Perrin TechniqueTM is an osteopathic approach developed by osteopath and neuroscientist Dr Raymond Perrin DO PhD that manually diagnoses and treats disorders affecting the neuro-lymphatic system also known as the ‘Glymphatic system’. Dr Perrin believes such as ME/CFS is one such disorder and that it can be helped by the technique that improves the drainage of toxins from the central nervous system. This drainage is achieved by cranial, articulatory and effleurage techniques on the head, neck, back and chest and is directed by the practitioner via the lymphatic system into the blood, where the offending poisons are detoxified in the liver. Eventually, with less toxins affecting the brain, the sympathetic nervous system begins to function correctly and health is eventually restored.



In this second, greatly expanded edition of The Perrin Technique: Fibromyalgia syndrome is also included; Much new scientific evidence to support the theories hypothesised in the first edition; New illustrative case histories; A much more comprehensive guide to the diagnosis, and manual treatment of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS); A comprehensive glossary; An A-Z of symptoms and how they are related to lymphatic drainage problems of the central nervous system.

The Perrin Technique 2nd edition gives you the chance to take charge of your own structural health with a sound scientific research base to support the fundamental importance of the relationship between the nervous and lymphatic systems.