Self-help Guide.

Welcome to The Perrin Technique™ self-help guide.

These at-home techniques are designed to be carried out by patients who are currently receiving treatment from a licensed Perrin Technique Practitioner.

The principal aim of the routines shown is to improve toxic drainage from the brain and the spine into the lymphatic system and reduce the effects of inflammatory toxins that cause many problems in patients with conditions such as ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Long COVID.

All of the information provided can be found in the latest Perrin Technique books and we hope our self-help video guide can further assist in ensuring patients carry out every aspect of the routines correctly.

In conjunction with the self-help video guide, an instructions leaflet is also available. This leaflet is a helpful accompaniment for any patient undertaking The Perrin Technique™, with the core components of the at-home self-treatment routine detailed in easy-to-follow sections.
Pick up a copy from The Perrin Clinic or ask your licensed Perrin Technique Practitioner. 

An online version of the leaflet, adapted for digital viewing, is available to download here.