Welcome to The Perrin Technique


The guide demonstrates the full at-home routine for all patients who are currently receiving treatment from a licensed Perrin Technique Practitioner.

The guide, which can be found on our YouTube as well as our website, has been split into separate sections so patients can navigate to the specific elements of the routine they wish to view. 

All of the information provided in the guide can be found in the latest Perrin Technique books and we hope the videos can further assist in ensuring patients carry out every aspect of the routines correctly. 

Special thank you to Jonathan & crew from MotionFish Media, our speakers Dr Ray Perrin & Olivia McDonald, as well as our patient models Georgia Morrey & Clark Geden!

Group photo of Jonathan & crew from MotionFish Media alongside Dr Ray Perrin, Olivia McDonald, and patient models Georgia Morrey & Clark Geden.
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