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In March of this year, Dr Perrin will be presenting his lecture “Lymphatics in the cranial field” at the international conference Osteopathy In The Cranial Field which is being held in St Michielsgestel in The Netherlands on 22-23 March 2024. 

The conference combines science with the osteopathic practice and includes lectures such as:

  • Rhythms in the human cranium, what do we know? Prof Max Moser PhD
  • The Glymphatic system and sleep – Dr Rolf Fronczek, PhD 
  • Lymphatics in the cranial field – Raymond Perrin DO PhD
  • The role of the ANS in Cranial Rhytmhmic Impulse with Holger Pelz DO
  • Mechanical properties of the cranial meninges – Raffael Zegarra-Parodi DO MSc 
  • The Trigeminal nerve; the menigeovascular complex in headache and migraine – Prof Messlinger PhD 

To view the itinerary in full and to register for the conference, see the event page here.

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