Welcome to The Perrin Technique


Dr. Perrin continued his travels this year as he trained up new Perrin Technique Practitioners at a workshop held on 26 – 27 March at Jöry Pauwels new centre Osteon Education!

The two-day masterclass, which was also supported by licensed PnT Practitioner Inge Schuermans, has seen 7 individuals become newly certified in The Perrin Technique! (And for the very first time, Luxembourg has been added to the map!) 

A very warm welcome to:

Sandra Van Beers
Marthe Van Dingenen
Bram Crikemans
Jeroen De Block
Robert Dumont
Jo-Annie Landry
Tom Ceyssens

It’s a pleasure to have you join the global network of Perrin Technique Practitioners! 

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