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In 2023, Dr. Perrin was interviewed by Jeremy Quinby, host of Highway to Health Podcast, who wanted to find out more about The Perrin Technique™ (special mention to Perrin Technique Practitioner Ruby Tam for introducing these two!). 

This detailed discussion aired in April 2024 and is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts:

Together they discuss how Long COVID resembles ME/CFS and what we might be learning from it as well as implications of the SLYM (Subarachnoid Lymphatic-like Membrane) and other recent discoveries. 

Highway To Health are a team of dedicated health professionals and wellness advocates providing insightful written content, videos and the latest developments in the world of health, well-being, technology, and research.  

Dr. Perrin’s interview, which is just over an hour long, is also available to view on YouTube:

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