Amongst the fantastic class in Phoenix, Arizona was Dr. Ruby Tam who is a board-certified family-medicine doctor based in Minnesota, USA, and most recently a licensed Perrin Technique Practitioner. 

Dr Tam came across her first ME/CFS patient in 2015 and has since been been vocal about how she wants to devote the rest of her life and career to patients with ME/CFS. Fast forward to the beginning of 2023 and her free virtual clinic kicked into operation!

The ME/CFS Minneapolis Clinic is dedicated to improve healthcare equality to Minnesotans with ME/CFS caused by long-haul COVID, post-viral syndrome, or other physical/mental triggers. It offers free Telehealth visits and in-person Perrin Technique appointments to uninsured and under-insured people with ME/CFS and Long COVID.

This free clinic has since received a Gold rating for meeting the quality standards of The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics and Ruby definitely receives a Gold rating from us too!

It has always been our aim that The Perrin Technique can be accessed by all, not just those who are fortunate to afford it. We would like to send our appreciation to Dr Ruby Tam and her ME/CFS Clinic – it is wonderful to hear about the fantastic work you are doing for the community and we are grateful that more ME/CFS patients can have access to help and support, regardless of their financial situation.

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