“Viral waste products must be secreted or they recirculate, which is why anyone with Long Covid should also look into the osteopathic Perrin Technique.”

Helen Kirwan-Taylor

These were the words of journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor in an article published on the MailOnline and in the 21st May edition of YOU Magazine. Helen states how she has been battling Long Covid since 2020 and shares her experience of the many avenues she’s tried on her recovery journey.

 “Dr Raymond Perrin believes that Long Covid and ME sufferers do not detoxify properly.”

Helen Kirwan-Taylor

Helen shared on her social media pages that she has started to see Perrin Practitioner Rakhee, adding “After many months of trying, I have finally seen the extraordinary Rakhee Mediratta… I responded quickly to her able fingers which is good but this is a long process”

And whilst the original article itself (link here) focuses on a specialised Wellness Clinic in Spain, it’s another example of The Perrin Technique continuing to be highlighted in association with Long Covid.

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