Biolab, a London-based medical referral laboratory for nutritional and environmental medicine, hosted a Long COVID Day conference in March with various speakers including Dr Sarah Myhill.

Another of those speakers was Dr Yassine Bendiabdallah. Dr Bendiabdallah is a Functional Medicine Specialist and co-founded the health & wellness centre ZEN Healthcare. His talk focused on the strategies for treating Long COVID, he mentioned Dr Perrin and how The Perrin Technique can help reduce the overload on the sympathetic nervous system when treating the condition.

Dr Bendiabdallah has personal experience of the technique, having been treated by Perrin Practitioner Rakhee Mediratta and he explained how he has been significantly helped by The Perrin Technique as well as sharing that the technique has helped numerous patients who he has referred to Rakhee.

It’s wonderful to hear such positive feedback from patients about our Perrin Practitioners and the technique, please do get in touch with us at pr@theperrinclinic.com if you wish to share any testimonials of your personal experience too. 

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