Thanks to international travel now back up and running for Dr Perrin, the first quarter of 2022 has seen aspiring Perrin Technique Practitioners become trained up in many corners of the world.

Firstly, there is Dr Kostas Filippopolitis who is a qualified and highly experienced neurologist from Greece and has retrained as an osteopath in Athens. After reading Dr Ray Perrin’s latest book, his interest in The Perrin Technique led him to contact Ray directly and book himself on the latest Perrin Technique workshop in Manchester at the start of the year. As a consultant neurologist, acupuncturist and neural therapist he is a wonderful addition to the growing Perrin Technique family.

In addition, we also have a trio of newly qualified Perrin Practitioners in Belgium. These are Barbara De Lange, Jory Pauwels and Inge Schuermans. We welcome them on board to our worldwide network of Practitioners and wish them all the best for the year ahead.

In the first week of April, Dr Perrin will be giving a workshop on The Perrin Technique in Rio De Janeiro – Hopefully after that trip we will see our first licensed practitioners in South America!

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