From all of us here at The Perrin Clinic we wish our patients around the world a peaceful, safe and restful 2022



ME/CFS: The Battle For Acceptance


71 Perrin Practitioners and guests attended this years virtual conference which took place on Sunday 28th November.

3 amazing speakers gave us an incredible insight into the battles within the world of ME/CFS: 

From a physician’s perspective we heard from Dr Nigel Speight, who has worked as an honorary paediatric medical adviser for several UK ME/CFS charities including ME Association and 25 Percent ME Group. He gave us an illuminating lecture about children with ME/CFS and the challenges he has witnessed over the decades including child protection cases. 

Tony Crouch, social worker and member of the NICE ME/CFS Guideline Development Committee, shared his experience of helping children who have been put on care orders by social services due to their illness.

Harvard University’s Dr Michael VanElzakker joined us live from Massachusetts to talk about the latest evidence to show autonomic dysfunction and glymphatic disturbance in ME/CFS patients, something which will help in our battle to have The Perrin Technique approach recognised.

We were also joined on the day by Jean McDonald, who bravely shared her personal experience of the challenges faced by a family with ME/CFS, and live from Sydney Olivia McDonald (no relation!) gave us an insight into her ME/CFS journey and how it has inspired her work.

A huge thanks to the wonderful lecturers who made this years conference invaluable with such interesting and relevant information in our battle against ME/CFS. 

To our Perrin Practitioners around the globe – See you all next year!