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Alison Archibald

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Dowry Chiropractic Clinic, 3 Dowry Place, Hotwells, Bristol, United Kingdom BS8 4QL
Phone: 01179 298 384 | Mobile: 07780 844 433

Alison Archibald first came across the Perrin Technique in 2008.

Having encountered many sufferers and heard their stories of seeking an effective treatment for this devastating condition, she chose to make this available at the Dowry Clinic in Bristol.

It was encouraging to see the  extensive research which indicated that the Perrin technique was founded on sound physiological and mechanical principles.

Knowing the number of people suffering from CFS/ME, and the impact this has on their lives and that of their families, friends and carers, Alison embarked on training with Raymond Perrin to become the first registered Perrin practitioner within the Bristol area.

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I was well, within weeks, after twelve years of a miserable life. It is incredible to me even now when I think about it.
Elizabeth Smith
Toronto, Canada