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Loudoun Osteopaths, 5 Station Road, Galston, Ayrshire, United Kingdom KA4 8HS
Tel: 01563 822244

Isla Brown B.Sc. (OST) became an Osteopath through her experience of being an osteopathic patient when she was a teenager.

"I love working with those who choose this system of hands-on medicine for treatment and I am still, after now 25 years in practice, as enthusiastic and motivated to work in this field as I was when I entered it."

Isla opened Loudoun Osteopaths in Galston, Ayrshire, and has continued to develop the practice and her osteopathic skills.

She is a qualified Perrin Practitioner after undertaking training with Dr Ray Perrin.

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I was well, within weeks, after twelve years of a miserable life. It is incredible to me even now when I think about it.
Elizabeth Smith
Toronto, Canada